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Welcome to The Paragon Group of Companies PLC - a specialist provider of finance for people.

Paragon is a leading specialist lender of buy-to-let mortgages to landlords and residential property investors in the UK, a loan servicing provider for third party clients and an active acquirer of loan assets and portfolios and has most recently established a banking subsidiary, Paragon Bank. Paragon has £10.5 billion of loan assets under management. Since being established in 1985, it is the only specialist lender to maintain an independent position within the UK mortgage market.

We are a buy-to-let specialist lender to landlord customers through our Paragon Mortgages and Mortgage Trust brands.

We were the first lender to work with the private rented sector to develop the buy-to-let market and, in 2000, we became the only major UK mortgage lender to focus exclusively on buy-to-let products.

Our investment division, Idem Capital, is a leading UK consumer debt purchaser, acquiring loan portfolios, including first and second mortgages as well as unsecured assets.

We have over 25 years' experience in loan management and have acquired over £3.5 billion of loans. We also service loan portfolios for clients such as banks, private equity houses and specialist lenders.

Launched in February 2014, Paragon Bank is a retail-funded lending bank with a direct to consumer Internet platform for savings and loan products distributed via intermediaries.

Paragon Bank is committed to improving customer choice in areas where the Group has previous success and extensive experience in consumer lending, initially in car finance and personal loans.